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Who We Are

Janet B. Milstein and Barbara Lhota are the founders of Fearless Flicks, and co-writers of multiple films, scripts including: Blindsided, Power Singles and Seven Surefire Ways to Meet Your Man

Ms. Milstein, primarily an actor, provided the impetus for Fearless Films. She had a strong desire to have more control over the projects she signed on to as an actor and wanted to develop daring scripts, as well as collaborate with like-minded, talented associates in order to make those scripts into viable, professional films.

She enlisted her long-time friend and co-writer, Barbara Lhota, to assist in developing screenplays and finding the right creative individuals who were most enthused about this collaborative process. The idea was to create scripts that were bold and audacious and produce them in a “fearless” way.  This meant that both Barbara and Janet had to risk entering into unknown territory by taking on new roles as producers.

Both women have a strong passion for film, a love of a good story, a playful sense of the power of collaboration, the desire to promote women in film, and a vast ability to learn while doing.


"Destiny has two ways of crushing us...by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them."
 Eddie (Kevin Viol), a troubled young man, returns to a town where he once lived in a desperate attempt to reconnect with his past. On his journey, he has a heated exchange with a drug dealer (John Rushing) that has him running from the law. He seeks comfort in the company of a lonely older woman (Janet B. Milstein) he encounters in a bar. These events lead him down a path from which there is no return. In a twist of fate, shocking truths are revealed and he is forced to face his role in the destruction of all he so deeply wanted to know. Also starring Shariba Rivers and Lisa Herceg.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Modern Film-Noir

A Fearless Flicks Production